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Simple Music Celebrates 10 Years!

2002 was the 10 year anniversary of Simple Music! The long-awaited celebration CD is now in the final stages of production, and will be available May 31. The CD features covers of classic and obscure songs by Jonas, Russell David, and Nick Guerrero.

Track listing:

Jonas - Alas (written by Nick G), Nothing to Say (written by Nick G), Over the Hills (written by RD), Naked (written by RD), and She's at that Age (New version by Jonas, originally featured on his debut album Just Add Water [2000]).

Russell David - Once Again (written by Jonas), Anything (written by Jonas), I Wanna Go Home (written by Nick G), Dead (written by Nick G), and I Feel Bad (New version by RD, originally featured on the album You Me We [1998]).

Nick Guerrero - Independence Day (written by Jonas), Despite the Distance (written by Jonas), Stay With Me (written by RD), Nothing (written by RD), and Weak (New version by Nick G., originally featured on the debut Nick G. Album Mr. G [1999]).

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The new Simple Music message board is up and running! Check in often to post your questions, get the latest info (gossip) on upcoming projects/shows, and meet fellow Simple Music fans. Who knows... you might even get the chance to exchange posts with a real-life Simple Music artist! Join the fun! Visit the message board...

Mannequins Debut Disc!

The debut album from Nevada County's premiere folk/punk phenom, the Mannequins, is now available! The disc presents 14 tracks of material self-produced by Mannequin founders Nick Guerrero (vocals/guitar), Nico Bailey (vocals/guitar/drums), and Jacob Gouveia (bass/vocals) throughout the Spring and Summer of 2002. The Mannequins came to life early in 2002, and since then, have stunned music fans with their inherent ear for aesthetic synthesis. Fans and critics alike have reacted warmly to the refreshing strength of the songs, the band, and their live performance.

"This album has been the much-awaited release of the year... in my opinion..." (Jim Pilse of Underground NOW!)

With the folk elegance of tunes like Bailey's "Unsuitable Package," the punk authenticity of Guerrero's "My Head is Leaking," and Gouveia's Talking Heads/TMBG-inspired, "Four Feet Deep," the band is showing a versatility and breadth seldom seen anywhere in pop music.

"These guys cover the ground of 15 bands with their musical inspiration, creativity, experimentation. I've just never really seen anything like it. And the song 'L.A.' is beautiful beyond words... " (Jim Pilse of Underground NOW!)

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New Russell David CD!

Russell David's 9th full-length album, "Songs for When You Think You Made a Mistake" (see catalog) is available Tuesday, October 15!

As you might guess from the title, the CD is an interestingly crafted requiem on fear, regret, and loss. It acts as a sort of grab-bag of songs useful to those feeling lost, alone, and misunderstood. Through 13 tracks, Russell traces the line of his own broken heart: from religion ("Sometimes"), lost love ("Cupid Complains to Venus"), compassion ("How to Survive the Bad Times Ahead"), to piercing self-criticism ("When it's Over"), and ultimately, surrender to his own vision of love and passion for the world ("We Can"). We don't know the details that inspired such feelings within David, but we can relate to his vivid emotional colors, infuse our own experiences, and take solace from the fact that there are others out there who understand. (Review by Jim Pilse, Oct. 2002, Underground NOW!)

Read the review by R.M. Slinky.

Read the August 23, 2002 interview by R.M. Slinky.

Jonas Returns!

At long last, the much-awaited fourth full-lenth Jonas CD, "Buddha Took a Tumble," is now available. Completely produced and recorded by Jonas at his own Three Cylinder Studio, the disc presents a refined, stripped-down, sound; a collection of thoughtful, melodic, tunes of love, dream, and hope.

Visit the Jonas catalog, and read the article by Jack Mars.


Put three talented musicians, a house, some instruments, an electric fan, a mic, and some inspiration, together, and what do you get? Amazing music! This eclectic mix of forces has coalesced around a small 2 bedroom bungalo in Nevada City, California. We call it: "The Mannequins." Fronted by Simple Music legend Nick Guerrero, the band has been making it's own brand of beautifully raucous low-fi-pop-punk since the beginning of 2002. In that short time, the band has become of taut unit of musical precision and creativity, and has amassed an unusually rich and varied stable of songs. Jim Pilse of Underground NOW! has called the Mannequin sound "a mutant hybrid of the Pixies, Nirvana, Talking Heads, and Velvet Underground," and has called the band, "the most intense group I've ever heard from Nevada County." This sonic revolution is made possible by: Nick Guerrero on vocals/guitar, Nico Bailey on drums/vocals/guitar, and Jacob Gouveia on bass/vocals/guitar. The Mannequins debut self-titled cd will be available this Fall on Simple Music. Watch this space for details!

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Nick Guerrero - Liability
Released Tuesday, July 30!

After nearly a year of expectation, Nick Guerrero's third full-length cd release, "Liability" is now available for order (see our catalog). The album marks the first self-produced project by the multi-talented Guerrero, who since 1999, has challenged his listeners with songs of personal testimony, revelation, and sincerity. Nick recorded the 12-song project at his own "Gun Gallery" studio in Grass Valley, California, throughout the Winter and Spring of 2002, and worked with Russell David and Mario Yee on post production throughout June and July. "I'm really happy with it" said Nick in a telephone interview, "I can't imagine how anyone would not like these songs! Seriously!" Fans, and newbies alike, will appreciate the unique low-fi-neo-pop groove to tunes like "Atoma," "Plus One Minus Two," and G's personal favorite, "George Was Here."

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New Jonas CD!

Simple Music is proud to announce the release of the third full-length Jonas album, "Funny, I don't FEEL fine." The CD highlights songs mostly written and recorded in the second half of 2001, and continues the artists examination of love, spiritual connection, and the search for creative authenticity. "I think it's a great group of songs," said engineer Mario Yee, adding, "There's a lot to think about in there. It's excellent stuff!" The first singles: the passionate "Clutch Me," and movingly anthemic "Christ on Columbia Avenue," deliver on the promise only hinted at in Jonas' earlier albums "Just Add Water" (2000) and "Fly Little Hedgehog" (2001). "It's like a cross between Ozzy and Woody Guthrie," says Simple Music's own Tone Def, who mastered the project and acted as creative consultant on the post-production. If you're a Jonas fan, or just someone who enjoys well-crafted, thoughtfully personal music, you must check this out! See our catalog for more details, and stay tuned for Jonas 2002 tour dates!

"Effortless" compilation CD nears completion...

Final post-production work is being completed on the long awaited "Effortless" compilation CD! The Simple Music superband "The Nick G. Hard Drive" (featuring Nick Guerrero, Jonas, and Russell David) has completed recording, and are eagerly awaiting the full-scale release of the project on March 18, 2002. Among other highlights, limited edition copies of "Effortless" contain a rare live recording of the band's much acclaimed signature song "Voice of God." Recorded at the original Gun Gallery in August of 2001, the song captures the energy and passion of the live Hard Drive. With the bands future, and the promise of new live shows now in question, this limited edition bonus track is a must-have for all Simple Music fans! Watch this space for the latest release info!

Nick G., Gun Gallery, move...

Those traveling Hayward California’s Hesperian Avenue will be surprised by the conspicuous absence of an area landmark. Nick G’s legendary “Gun Gallery” has relocated. Once nestled on the golden, smog-ridden, east shore of the San Francisco Bay Area, Nick G. and his entire facility have moved east to the bucolic farming community of Grass Valley, California.The reason for this sudden move is unclear, though rumors indicate the move was precipitated by severe creative conflict in G’s band, “The Nick G. Hard Drive.”

“He just called me one day and said: ‘The band is breaking up, I’m outta here,’” commented NGHD member Russell David, “It was weird.”

Engineer/Drummer Mario Yee reported a similar discussion, “Yeah, Nick called me. He was upset. He just said something like: ‘hey, yeah, Mario, the bands gotta break up... it’s not you, you’re great, it’s those other two a**holes…sorry about this…I just can’t work with sh*t heads like them.’ I guess he meant RD and Jonas.”

While Bass player/Vocalist Jonas did not talk to Nick prior to his announcement, he was reached while on tour in Sacramento, “Nick is a jerk, and he’s hard to work with, so I think the Nick G. Hard Drive will be better off without him.”

When contacted for an interview, Guerrero commented only, “I don’t want to get into it.” G is reported to be working on his 3rd Simple Music release in his new location. Anonymously reported sightings have described the star “fishing in a nearby lake, picking flowers, and meditating in a field every evening at sunset.”

Read the exclusive Nick G interview by Cornelius Wiley.

Fall 2001 Tour Dates in U.K.

Nicholas Guerrero and Russell David have recently confirmed their joint London tour, scheduled for the second and third weeks in November 2001. “We’ll be mostly in the Fulham area of the city, hosted by our friend Lareina Lynn,” said David, “She has some connections with a few local pubs and the like, and were hoping shell get us free beer.

Lynn is a longtime friend, supporter, and former Simple Music photographer. Though no longer officially connected with the label, Lynn has promoted Simple Music to her friends and coworkers, and has nurtured a small fan base in the area. Thisll be a nice break for me said Guerrero, who is busy recording his 3rd (as yet untitled) project. I wanna get away from the studio for a while. Im looking forward to it. This will be Davids second trip to the great isle, having made several appearances this past spring on the Jonas Fly Little Hedgehog tour. Though invited, Jonas heavy fall schedule, and roll-out of his new album Funny, I Dont FEEL Fine, preclude his participation in this event.

New Nick G. album released July 31!

After two years of silence, Nick Guerrero has stepped from behind his enigmatic blue blockers, and given his fans another look at the world through his eyes. “God Hasn’t Blessed Me Yet” (Nick's second full-length release) features 12 never-before-heard tracks of Nick's soulful ruminations on death, fear, loneliness, isolation, and love. The songs were written in the past two years, following the controversial 1999 release, "Mr. G," that put Nick on the fast track to junk-punk stardom. The new album was recorded over the past 9 months, at Simple Music, and G’s own “Gun Gallery” studio. "I'm impressed with this project," said Russell David (who acted as engineer/producer), "honestly it's one of my all-time favorite simple music cd's." Simple Music technical director Mario Yee concurred, "Nick is an awesome talent. Seriously. The album does suffer from some amateurish engineering/producing, but that's not Nick's fault." Yee added, "The amazing thing is that Nick transcended those limitations. Like a pheonix from the flame. Nothing can hold down an artist of this calibur." When asked to comment, the ever-cryptic G said only, “I like the songs, and overall I'm happy with the project, but next time I'm producing the thing by myself or with Mario." Following the completion of post production in mid July, Nick has again removed himself to an undisclosed location in the foothills of the Sierra's. Nick is reported to be working on songs for a third (yet untitled) project. We only hope we don't have to wait another two years for more. -R.M. Slinky

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Evil in a Good Way
Released Tuesday, June 12, 2001

“Evil in a Good Way,” Russell David's offering for the year 2001, is now available (see our catalog for your FREE copy). The album features 17 songs, over 70 minutes of passionate, low-fi, music. “Most of the tracks are love songs written to people I see, people I know, or people I've known in the past, and some others I hope to yet meet,” said David. “I think these songs take a somewhat interesting perspective on the idea of obsession, passion, love, etc."

The album was recorded over the past 10 months, and was produced by Simple Music mega-talent Mario Yee. "I felt like the horse whisperer," said Yee, "I'd come into the studio and RD would be raving around about some beautiful woman he just saw on the corner, and I'd try to focus that energy into the performances, calm him down and sort of bottle that passion." Such deft handling is evident in such tracks as "17 by 23," and "Deja Vu," both of which circle around the theme of maniacal, pathological, passion. "I think it worked, and I'm mostly happy with the final product," Yee added, "but it also has its limitations. David's no Dylan or Lou Reed, so we try to do the best with what we've got." This was Yee's first project of a 3 album contract with Simple Music.

Read Russell's May15, 2001 interview.

Read the hostile review written by aesthetician K. Levin.

Jonas Takes London!

It was a cold blustery night in merry old England. March 2nd, 2001-the release date of Jonas’ second album: Fly Little Hedgehog. Jonas, his entourage, and a few of his most loyal fans in the UK, assembled at the historic “Grenadier” for a release celebration heretofore unheard of in the annals of civilized humankind. “I’m the king of the world!” screamed Jonas, as he balanced himself on a rickety bar stool, thanking the crowd for their devotion and love. “I really am the most kick-ass musician ever to draw breath,” he continued, “you are all blessed to be here tonight in my presence, and I’m sure you recognize that.” Though invited, Osmond family member Jimmy could not attend the event. In lieu of his presence, Osmond sent a beautiful breakfast bouquet, and his congratulations on what he termed the “Jonas phenomenon.” Osmond added his compliments and well wishes for a continued “victory over the evil independent music empire.” Other notable invitations included Ozzy, Lou Reed, Jad Fair, Brent Michaels (of Poison), Flea, Roger Waters, and Sting. Regretably, none of these fellow artists were able to attend, or put words to their regret. Jonas is currently accepting applicants for invitation to his next release party, currently scheduled for August 2001 in scenic San Leandro, California. Select fans will be invited based on their response to the following essay question: “Jonas is like God the Father because:___________.” Submit your essay and entry packet to . Essays will be judged, and invitations awarded, by Jonas himself!

See more photos of Jonas in London!