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Sun Damage

Russell's 2019 homemade project, "Sun Damage," is available for free stream and/or download. The project consists of 19 songs in two halves. "That World" imagines life alone, in a tiny boat, on a barren sea. "This One" reflects an internal, perhaps paranormal, reality. Both are dedicated to the many universes within the true stories we all share. And, naturally, to forgiveness. Wherever she is.

Beginning in January 2020, Russell will present all 19 songs, + talk about related feelings, on the simplemuzik podcast. If you're interested, please stay-tuned at!

You can discover the new songs here, and explore Russell's entire catalog by clicking here.

Inner Circles

Russell's 2018 homemade project, "Inner Circles," is available for free stream and/or download. The project features 15 songs recorded throughout 2018 (and, notably, includes the first live drum performances since 2002's "Songs For When You Thing You Made a Mistake"). Though presented in a raw rock-n-roll(ish) manner, each song is intended as a window into a private world... a place for you, and hopefully us.

Beginning in January 2019, Russell will present the new songs, + meander around the feelings behind them, on the simplemuzik podcast. If you're interested, please stay-tuned at!

You can discover the new songs here, and explore Russell's entire catalog by clicking here.

h-nd t- g-d

Image of the " hand to god "  album cover: The image depicts a disembodied hand floating over a metallic background.  Three individuals are shown standing beneath the hand, and one of the figures appears to be in the process of being pulled upward.
Russell's 2017 homemade project, "h-nd t- g-d," is available for free stream and/or download. The album features 12 songs inspired by age, time, and an intuition that some of our most deeply felt challenges must be endured rather than conquered.

Beginning in January 2018, Russell will present the new songs, + talk a bit about the intent behind them, on the simplemuzik podcast. If you're interested, please stay-tuned at!

You can discover the new songs here, and explore Russell's entire catalog by clicking here.

Cat Eyes

Russell's 2016 homemade project, "Cat Eyes," is available for free stream and/or download. The album features 13 carefully crafted songs which involve themes of duality, memory, and the emotional mountain tops our inadequacies often bring us to.

Beginning in January 2017, Russell will feature the new songs (+ related ramblings) on the simplemuzik podcast. If you're interested, please stay-tuned at!

You can discover the new songs here, and explore Russell's entire catalog by clicking here.


Russell's 2015 homemade project, "Splitting," is available for free stream and/or download. The album includes 16 songs, written and recorded over the past year, revolving around the theme of splitting - in the sense of breaking - up, and through, and in, and out. The songs are built upon small moments, simple dreams, that're gone, or never were at all.

Beginning in January 2016, Russell will will talk about the new songs (+ related ideas and feelings), and the project as a whole, on the simplemuzik podcast. If you're interested, please stay-tuned at!

You can discover the new songs here, and explore Russell's entire catalog by clicking here.

Deep Deeper Deepest

Russell's 2014 homemade project "Deep Deeper Deepest" is now available for free stream and/or download. The album presents 11 songs recorded at home throughout 2014. The songs are presented in spare fashion, and present a song arc intended to convey the feeling of consciousness, as it awakens and fades, step by step.

Beginning in January 2015, Russell will be presenting the new songs on the simplemuzik podcast, and will share thoughts related to the inspirations behind them. If you're interested, you're invited to tune in, stream, and download.

You can discover the new songs here, and explore Russell's entire catalog by clicking here.

Russell w/ Procrastinistas @ Hotel Utah - April 29

Russell is playing a show (as drummer) with the San Francisco jazz/rock band the Procrastinistas at Hotel Utah, Saturday night, April 27. The show starts around 9pm. If you're in the Bay Area, hopefully you can be there! Great club, more than one great band, food, drinks, friends, Russell... win,win,win,win. win. :)

Sat. Apr. 27, 2013
HOTEL UTAH SALOON - 500 4th St. @ Bryant, San Francisco, 9pm. Russell with the Procrastinistas.

Nick G. Best-Of Compilation Still in progress

Nick G reports that he is continuing to work on updated re-imaginined recordings of previous songs (several from 2006 are availabe here for download). "The idea is to get closer to what I originally intended," Nick said via iChat, "I want the recordings to better capture my original idea." New songs will be posted to Nick's mp3 download page and as they are completed.

Spend Cinco de Mayo with Nick G., Russell David, and Slyway!
May 5, 8pm, Simple Pleasures Cafe

Please plan to join us at Simple Pleasures Cafe, Saturday, May 5, 8pm, for a night of music from local artists (all of whom have been featured on the simplemuzik podcast). Russell will be joined by friends Patrick Kobernus (of SlyWay), and Nick Guerrero (of the Mannequins). This semi-annual musical reunion has been happening for several years now, and is a great time to visit and enjoy the friendly neighborhood and community of the Simple Pleasures Cafe. Russell, Patrick, and Nick would love to see you! For show details, please visit here.

Feb 23 @ the Red Vic!

Russell is playing with Liz Angelucci (and a solo set) Friday night, Feb. 23, at the Red Victorian. Liz's set is scheduled for around 9pm-ish, and Russell's should be around 10pm-ish. Hope you can be there!

The podcast has landed.

The simplemuzik podcast is now available for worldwide listening! Please check out our blog sister site Russell is actively seeking guests for the podcast. If you're interested, please send him email.

Mannequins at Work

The Mannequins are working on new songs! The Nico/NickG duo have settled into their new studio, and are hard at work building a live set for future shows in and around San Francisco. Future shows are hoped for and planned! All upcoming shows will be featured on this page, so please check back often! You can also get all the latest Mannequin gossip (and hear new songs) at:

Procrastinistas at Hotel Utah May 24.

The Procrastinistas (featuring Cassandra Arnold on vocals, Rolf Dieter on keys, John Levitt and Steve McNamara on guitar, Jay Lehman on bass, and Russell David on drums), has just confirmed their debut show at Hotel Utah, Wednesday, May 24, 2006. The show is still in the planning stages, but the band is currently scheduled to perform with Slyway and Tom Heubner. Mark your calendar now! And, in the meantime, please check out for more info, and some live mp3's.

Nick G. Performs at the Evil Art Collective

Nick G. will be performing versions of his instrumental music at the Evil Art Collective on Sunday March 19, beginning at 12noon. This is a Free event, featuring art exhibition, and an opportunity for life-drawing. Join Nick for a perfect Sunday aftertoon! See link for directions and details.

Interview with Russell...

Russell was interviewed by R.M. Slinky on March 10, 2006. Click here to read as they digress about love, music, god, and the new cd.

"A Fish May Love a Bird" Available NOW!

Russell's latest cd, A Fish May Love a Bird was released Sat. Feb. 18. The cd features 12 new songs, written over the past year, and recorded in the past few months. Previews of several songs are available at Russell's myspace page (please be cautioned, these are not final versions, and may vary in quality somewhat from the cd versions). Russell intends to play the new songs in upcoming months in and around San Francisco. When these dates are known, they will be posted here. To see Russell's 15 year discography go here.

Mannequins, Russell David, Slyway:
Feb. 18, Simple Pleasures Cafe

Please plan to join us at Simple Pleasures Cafe, Saturday, February 18, 8pm, for the A Fish May Love a Bird cd release party! Russell will be joined by friends Patrick Kobernus (of SlyWay), and the Mannequins (Nick G & Nico), for a night of original local music. Free copies of the new cd will be available for everyone who attends! For show details, please visit here.

"Everything'll Be Fine" Thanksgiving Song-of-the-Day!

A new Russell David track is now available for download! "Everything'll Be Fine" is the first single from the new cd A Fish May Love A Bird (scheduled for a Winter 2006 release), and has been selected by as "track of the day" for Thursday, November 24, 2005. Due to some enthusiastic online reviews, Russell and his song will be featured on's Folk Rock front page for a full 24 hours! Please visit the page, download the new song, and celebrate with us! If you like the new song, be sure to check out other new mp3's now available at Russell's myspace page ( For the GarageBand "Song-of-the-Day" page, click here.

the Procrastinistas emerge...

We at are proud to announce the birth of a new little folk/rock/jazz/blues band - the Procrastinistas! The band (featuring Cassandra Arnold on vocals, Rolf Dieter on keys, John Levitt and Steve McNamara on guitar, Jay Lehman on bass, and Russell David on drums), has been playing together in Rolf's basement for most of 2005, and are looking forward to playing shows in the San Francisco area very soon. All upcoming shows will be posted here as they are scheduled. Check out for more info, and some live mp3's!

Gun Gallery Version 3.7

November 2005 begins a new phase in the life of the Mannequins. Nick G and Nico are in the process of founding the latest Mannequin HQ (also known as the Gun Gallery) in San Francisco. Once the move is complete, plans are underway to begin what is unofficially being called the "Manhattan Project of Live Performance." Nick and Nico will be taking auditions for new Mannequins band members in December and early 2006, and plan to be busy performing in and around the Bay Area for the rest of the new year. Check this site often for updates and show dates.

Upcoming Double Mannequins Release!

Nick G and Nico are in post-production on their upcoming 2005 release "Another Bad Creation" due out this Fall. "It's mostly acoustic and quiet songs we recorded at Nico's place over the past few months," Nick said from his Gun Gallery studio in San Francisco, "the rough mix is completed, and we're fine-tuning it as we speak." This cd will be the third official Mannequins release following 2002's debut "The Mannequins" and 2004's long-awaited "Deep Sleep" (so far only available as a bootleg). Nick reports that efforts are underway to release both "Creation" and "Sleep" at the same time, answering constant fan request for copies of the lost Mannequins album. "We never meant to let 'Deep Sleep' fall into nonrelease," he said, "it was a complicated thing and still is, but we're trying our hardest to see that both cd's are available as soon as possible." There is no official release date yet available for either project. More details will follow as they are known. See the Mannequins back catalog here.

Rolf and Russell are still working together...

Rolf Dieter and Russell David (former members of Mission of Ed) continue to work together on a new project. The band consists of Rolf on Keys and vocals, John Levitt and Steve Mcnamara on vocals and guitar, "MathNerd" Jay on Bass, Russell on Drums, and Cassandra Arnold on lead and backing vocals. The still unnamed band has been working together since the beginning of 2005, and has collected a group of songs they hope to be performing soon in and around San Francisco. A demo cd is underway, and will be available soon. Visit this page often for news and details on upcoming shows!

Upcoming Russell, Nick G, Slyway Shows!

Russell David is performing solo, and with the band Slyway, this Spring! Upcoming shows include Thurs. April 21 at the B Street Bistro in Hayward (Russell's first hometown show since 1994!), Wed. April 27 at the Cherry Bar, and Sat. May 7 at Simple Pleasures Cafe with very special guest Nick G. For showtimes and location details, please visit this page. If you're in the area, it'd be wonderful to see you!

Nick G & Nico in the Studio

Nick G has reported that he & Nico are recording new songs for a potential third Mannequins cd. No details on this project, or the perennially unreleased second Mannequin cd "Deep Sleep," are available. When asked about the release of "Deep Sleep," Nick has only said, "We're working on a new project now." More details will follow as they are known.

Mannequins Part Deux

Rumors abound that the Mannequins are negotiating a reunion in the Spring of 2005. Nico is reported to be moving to San Francisco to reunite the magic duo, hopefully for some upcoming live SF dates. Despite this excitement, the long-awaited release date for the 2004 project "Deep Sleep" continues to be unknown. All information and updates will be posted here as they arise.

Gun Gallery Vers. 3.0

The new Nick G studio (now in San Francisco) is up and running! Nick (pictured at left) is currently self-producing and recording his latest solo project "Trying to Be a Human Being," tentatively scheduled for a Spring 2005 release. "They're mostly folk songs," Nick said during our visit, "and I'm using drum machines and stuff to give it a new feel."

Nick has authorized the release of what he calls a "bootleg teaser single" entitled "Don't Give Up the Fight." The song was presented as the opening track on the 2004 Contest Bootleg cd. More details on this project will be presented as they become available.

Russell @ Hotel Utah Feb. 23

Russell David will be performing solo along with Slyway and Tara Tinsley at the Hotel Utah Saloon on Wed. Feb. 23 (for details, please visit this page.) This will be Russell's first show for 2005. If you're in the SF area, we'd love to see you!

Louis & Amalgamation

Former Mission of Ed bassist Louis Vega is happy to announce his new involvement in the band Amalgamation. They will be playing at the Cherry Bar & Lounge on January 14. Simple Music encourages all Ed fans to attend!

Der Tot von Ed

It is with much sadness that we officially announce the break-up of Mission of Ed. Citing creative and personal differences, the members of MOE have agreed to go their separate ways, leaving their unique blend of folk/rock/blues behind. Formed in the Spring/Summer of 2003, Ed was heard and appreciated by many local friends and fans around San Francisco. Mp3s from their live demo remain available for download.

The members of Ed could not be reached for comment, however, all future plans or projects of the former Eds will be posted here as they are known

Contest Winners Announced!

The first annual Simple Music Trivia Contest ended August 31, and we would like to thank all who participated! We are pleased to announce that three winners have been randomly chosen from those who most accurately answered questions based on Simple Music artists, lyrics, and history (see answers).

The winners are:
RamLu4 (actual name not provided)
Cynthia, El Paso, TX.
Wendy, San Francisco, CA.

These lucky winners will receive an exclusive "bootleg" cd of rarities and favorites, including songs by Nick G, The Mannequins, Russell David, Jonas, and Rolf Dieter. All shipments will be packaged by, and include a handmade thank you card from, Russell David (winners have been contacted by email. If you are a winner, and have not received an email, please write to us at:

Thanks again to all who took the time to enter the contest! Be sure to visit us often for other free giveaways and promotions!

Nick G - "It's Official."

The long-feared demise of Nevada County's phenom folkpunk band The Mannequins, can now be confirmed. After months of speculation and fan gossip, Nick G has announced "It's official." Nick performed at several open-mic events in San Francisco throughout June and July, and appears to be working out songs for his solo set. "I'm working on a cd" he added, "and I'll be recording it in San Francisco." The former Mannequin members are said to remain on good terms, with future collaboration still remaining a possibility. "I hope to work with them again someday... but right now we're in different places," Nick explained. The final Mannequins cd "Deep Sleep" is completed, and awaiting final pressing decisions by the band. When more information is available on a release date, they will be posted to this site.

In the meantime, Nick is said to be living in San Francisco, writing, recording, and soon to be recording songs for his new cd. Nick has declined several requests for full-lenth interviews

Mannequins disband amid chaos...

Along with the joyous news that the second full length Mannequins cd "Deep Sleep" is completed and will soon be available, comes the heart breaking revelation that this will also be the final Mannequins project. Fans were startled and saddened as Nick announced the news on the Simple Music Message Board on Feb. 12, "The album has a name, Deep Sleep. There will be 11 songs on it. It will also be the last Mannequins album," he wrote. In later posts, Nick cited creative differences, his own recurrent depression, and the fact that he's "moving to San Francisco soon," as contributing to the decision. Neither Nico Bailey or Jacob Gouveia could be reached for comment, and neither Mannequin has posted any response or elaboration regarding Nick's version of events.

While there's no way of knowing what all of this will mean for the future, there is some solace in the building sense of excitement over the release of "Deep Sleep." And fans have wasted no time in expressing their joy! News of the new cd "just made my whole month" posted self-described "#1 Fan" Wendy Glenn (a.k.a. Wendilla). Fellow fan "Kickman" wholeheartedly agreed, posting "[the release of Deep Sleep] is the hottest news in months!" Happily, fans don't have long to wait. The new cd has been mixed, and a final track list has been established. Release information will be posted as soon as it becomes available.

It is currently unknown whether the Mannequins plan to support the cd with any shows (or a tour) prior to officially disbanding. They were offered several shows with Mission of Ed in March, but declined due to scheduling conflicts.

Never heard the Mannequins? You can Meet the Mannequins, see them Recording Deep Sleep, and then visit their catalog to order a cd!

Mission of Ed "Live EP" Out now!

The EP demo CD by San Francisco based band "Mission of Ed" is now available. The CD features 8 tracks recorded live in the Summer and Fall of 2003. For ordering information, visit our catalog!

Click here to find out about upcoming Mission of Ed shows!

Factory Sessions EP

"Factory Sessions EP" is now available. Featuring 10 songs by Russell David, the cd is a collection of mostly sombre, sparsely arranged, songs written and recorded in 2003. Check it out on the catalog page, and order your FREE copy today!

As a lifelong depressive, the whole thing rings home to me. Like a nice warm blanket." - Fan reviewer David Lawnkind (read the whole review).

And so begins the Mission of Ed...

Simple Music is proud to host the official site for San Francisco based band Mission of Ed! The band began playing their own hybrid of Blues/Rock/Folk in the spring, featuring the songs of Rolf Hoseman and Russell David, along with Louis Vega (Bass), Aurelius (Drums), and Andrea DiNapoli (Piano, B3, Synth).

Click here to download the Summer 2003 live-in-the-studio demo mp3's, find out about upcoming shows, and read band member bios!

Jonas: Alive and Kicking!

The new Jonas album "Kicking Pigeons" is available! Recorded over the last 9 months with the help of veteran indie producer Thurm Weaver, the album presents 12 new songs, and a special reimagined version of "Independence Day," Jonas' first hit from his now classic debut release "Just Add Water" (2000). The new songs have a distinctive feel that Jonas attributes both to "the influence and energy that Thurm (Weaver) brought to the sessions," as well as his own "spiritual confluence brought about by... continuing experimentation with Hindu goddess worship." Fans of Jonas' past work (especially 2001's "Funny, I don't FEEL fine") will be mesmerized by the subtle mix of artistic continuity and transformation. "I see the whole Pigeons project as picking up where 'Christ on Columbia Avenue' leaves off," Jonas said, adding, "I think it's my best work to date."

We think you'll agree! Check out the Jonas catalog to order now!

Open Studio October 11-12

Russell David is taking part in the 2003 SF Open Studios! As a result, October 11 and 12 will be the first-ever Simple Music open house! Russell will be showing his paintings, and releasing his just-published book of poems, "poems by russell d." Also showing work will be longtime Simple Music friend, and photographer, Paul Cramer. Paul has traveled extensively, and will be presenting pastoral and architectural images from around the world.

Doors will be open from 10 am - 6 pm. 1451 Guerrero St #5, San Francisco. Russell and Paul will be present to meet and talk about their work.

In the meantime, get a sneak preview of Russell's painting!

Mannequins Rock the Casbah!

Friday night, May 9, 2003, marked the beginning of The Mannequins Revolution in Nevada City. The punk/folk trio were in town for their first official hometown appearance following the release of their 2002 debut album "The Mannequins." Opening for fellow indie act "The Picture Show," the band played for an under-18-only youth benefit hosted by the Nevada County Library.
"We thought it was best to do something non-profit, in support of the community and all they've done for us," said singer/guitarist/songwriter Nick Guerrero. His bandmates Nico Bailey (drummer/singer/guitarist/songwriter), and Dave Weiland (Bassist), were in complete agreement.
"Drugs are messed up," added Bailey.

The band played numerous tunes from their critically acclaimed cd, most notably, Guerrero's anthemic "George Was Here," and the touchingly morose "Unsuitable Package," written and performed by Bailey. The crowd consisted of a large, devoted, hometown following, and the band garnered massive applause as they took to the stage. Some in the crowd sang along, and even held lighters aloft wistfully, as Bailey sang the selfpenned folkpop single "L.A." Guerrero followed with the primal punk rage of "1956." And with these 4 simple songs, the classic Mannequins energy - the caustic, volatile, passion of Guerrero, tempered by Bailey's everexpressive nuance - was in full force. The evening ended with a heart-pounding 20-minute extended version of the cd title track "Omar is Missing." By evenings end, emotionally overwrought, several female admirers were reported to actually swoon. Medical professionals were not necessary, and all affected fans were dutifully cared for by friends and band members.
The show was the kick-off event for the Mannequins summer mini-tour, in which they will be visiting Colorado, and several points between. It is currently unconfirmed if newcomer Dave Weiland will be joining Guerrero and Bailey for these extended dates.

Want more? Check out more photos of the Mannequins playing LIVE!

"These guys cover the ground of 15 bands with their musical inspiration, creativity, experimentation. I've just never really seen anything like it. And the song 'L.A.' is beautiful beyond words... " (Jim Pilse of Underground NOW!)