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Jonas? Is he still around???
April 16, 2007 - San Francisco

Holy &#$%#&, has it really been over three years since the last album?  So much has changed in that time.  Most of those changes were for the better.  Some of those changes were the reason that this album took so long.  The next one will probably take just as long, but I’m still working on music. 
The biggest change is my little boy, who will be two years old in a few more months.  I have less time to dedicate to writing and recording songs and it sometimes frustrates me, but our time together is never a waste, even if we’re just hanging out on the couch watching children’s television on PBS. 
It seems like I’m always busy with something else and more obligations are always on the horizon.  This is not an excuse.  This is just reality. 
The thing is, I find time where I can, when it feels right.  I try not to force it, because I never want it to feel like work, like another thing that has to fit into a regimented schedule.  I’m not the type that can just sit down and make a song happen.  Sometimes I sit in my studio for an hour and nothing comes of it.  I’ve got to be able to accept that as part of the process.  Still, I sit in the studio sometimes and it feels lonely, like the space is just waiting for me to fill it up with sound and I feel like I need to apologize, because life is getting in the way. 
I hope people enjoy this latest album.  It spans such a long period of time.  There are songs on it that were written and recorded many years ago and I can listen to them and feel weird about all the ways my life has changed since then.  I hope I’ve done things a little differently this time.  There are songs here that I like quite a bit, but I listen and fear that it doesn’t live up to expectations.  Of course, who was expecting anything from this album other than me? 
I'll move on to the next one and try not to look back.  I’ve already written half a dozen songs, songs that are waiting to be coaxed into their full existence.  They all spring to life on my old acoustic guitar, but I never know exactly how they’ll end up, certainly they’re very different then when they start.  I suppose life is a bit like that, isn't it?