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Nick Guerrero Completes Debut Album!

Review by R.M. Slinky

After 18 months of production work, Simple Music is proud to announce the release of Mr. G— the first full length work by Nicholas Guerrero.

Mr. G presents 14 tracks of intense and direct human discovery. Nick's folk/acoustic-rock sound is precise, tender, and simultaneously filled with fear, joy, and love. Nick's voice (both physically and lyrically) is consciously weakened and soft, expressing the violence and beauty of modern post-millenial suburbia. The disarming simplicity, and profoundly disaffected vocal delivery, cause these songs to creep into your soul, and remind you of the lies we have supressed about ourselves—the memories our culture collectively pretends not to have— the fear and joy common to all of humanity. Nick's vulnerability, and courageously desperate (some say disturbing) lyrical honesty, are his strongest attributes as a performer, and at only 18 years old, his potential for growth and continued artistic expression are seemingly unlimited.


Here’s what some people are saying about Mr. G:

Awesome dude! I can’t wait for the next Nick G. album!—Dr. Feilding Elliot, Caimbridge, MA

I like the lyrics. They talk about things a lot of us feel but are afraid to admitÉ I wish he sang louder on the tape though.—Jerrie Alston, Twin Falls, ID

For an amateur release, this is pretty good. Cool poems/lyrics. Bob Kim, Boca Raton, FL

Sehr gut! Ich liebe neue musik vom Americaner! Geuerrero ist die neue Emerson, Lake, und Palmer! —Helmut Beidle, Munich, Germany

This shit sucks! —Anonymous, Johnstown, PA