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Aurelius - Drums

Aurelius, is a San Francisco native who has traveled extensively around the world absorbing various styles of music and rhythm and blending these influences into his drumming. Aurelius was first introduced to a drum kit by his uncle Leszek in Poland, who at the time was ranked among the top jazz drummers in that country. However, his mother asserts that at the age of two, he used to pull all the pots and pans out in the kitchen and play them with her wooden spoons. Other projects Aurelius has played in include Catsmeow, S. Mechanic, and P.Vampire, where he has had the privilege of playing for fans at The Boomerang, The Cockadrie, Hotel Utah, The Haight Street Fair, The Flying Pig (Amsterdam, N), Bourbon Street (Amsterdam, N), and The Beach Chalet (Poland).