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Stories & Songs
The Nick G. Hard Drive
(Nick G, Jonas, RD)
Producer: Jonas

George Was Here / Why / Deja Vu / Not the Same / Paper Doll / I Like it When You Kiss Me / Losin' / Jacob

COMMENTS: The Nick G. Hard Drive live at the Hammerhead Lounge, San Francisco, 9/27/03. An intimate concert performance, including the band talking about their songs "VH1 Storytellers" style!

Status: Currently being pressed. Available soon!

Format: Compact Disc



8+2=10: a Simple Music Anniversary Collection 1992 - 2002
Jonas, RD, Nick Guerrero
Producer: RD
Mastered by: Jonas

She's At That Age / Once Again / Independence Day / Anything / Despite the Distance / I Feel Bad / Naked / Stay With Me / Over the Hills / Nothing / Weak / I Wanna Go Home / Alas / Dead / Nothing to Say / BONUS TRACK: Voice of God (Part Deux)

COMMENTS: The Simple Music 10 year anniversary CD! Featuring songs by Nick Guerrero, Jonas, Russell David, and the Nick G. Hard Drive. Limited edition copies contain a hidden (see if you can find it) "Legacy" retrospective remix by Jonas.

Status: Currently available. (warning: mostly lo- fi)

Format: Compact Disc



The Nick G. Hard Drive
(Nick Guerrero, Jonas, RD)
Producer: RD

HAPPY SONGS: Santa Cruz / It Aint That Bad / More / Thank God For That / MAD SONGS: I Know Where the Bones Are / Shell Shocked / It Costs Too Much / You Hurt My Feelings / SAD SONGS: Stop / Horse Shoes, Hand Grenades / Be Who You Are / I'll Be Missing You / BONUS TRACK: Voice of God

COMMENTS: The long awaited Simple Music compilation CD featuring songs by Nick Guerrero, Jonas, Russell David, and the Nick G. Hard Drive. Limited edition copies contain the punk anthem "Voice of God" performed live by the NGHD.

Status: Currently available. (warning: quite lo-fi)

Format: Compact Disc



The Best of Simple Music: The Early Years 1992 - 1997

Various Artists
Producer: RD

Side A:
Click 104* / Senseless* / Personal Distractions* / Eternal / Everything in Everyway / Sudden Sad Ending / I'm a Cowboy Star

Side B:
Killing a Mountain Inside / Without a Doubt / Easy / Lovely Day (Live) / Everyday (Live) / Laugh Cry Smile (Live)

Status: Currently out of print.

Format: Analog cassette

* = Previously Unreleased Song, currently available on Armerdings & Russell "Bootleg" (2001).