The First Annual
Simple Music Contest!

Answer the following questions, and enter to win a "Simple Music Collectors Pack" (featuring all the most recent Simple Music CDs, an exclusive "bootleg" cd of previously unreleased songs, and a handmade thank you card from Russell David).

Questions a
re based on Simple Music artists, lyrics, and history (answers are in BLUE)...

Question 1 (Nick G) -
What did George have to give back?

a) his illgotten casino winnings
b) his very life
c) his fake passport
d) a soul he never wanted anyway

Question 2 (Mission of Ed) -
"What's behind the pale blue sky, 'cept for darkness and ___________."

a place to die
b) no reason why
c) an empty sigh
a fearful cry

Question 3 (Jonas) -
Tricky Tailored is what kind of animal?

a) Salamander
b) Koala Cub
c) Guinea Pig
d) Hedgehog

Question 4 (Nick G Hard Drive) -
The voice of God is angry with a sinner for selling chocolate in front of which chain grocery?

a) Safeway
b) Ralphs
c) Albertsons
d) Alpha Beta

Question 5 (RD) -
I wanna know most of the time. It preoccupies my mind. 'Till I see you. And then I remember suddenly ____________.

a) why the Earth is here
b) that I forgot what it was I wanted to know afterall
c) the absence of everything
d) how you make me feel

Question 6 -
The name of which Mannequins band member is also the title of a Jonas song?

a) Nick G
b) Nico
c) Jacob
d) David Koresh

Question 7 (Mannequins) -
How many feet are needed for a proper foundation?

a) 3
b) 4
c) 5
d) 6

Question 8 (Armerdings & Russell) -
"Who's to say what's right? I don't even know. Cuz I'm blind from the light and __________."

a) everything is true
b) my heart's oh so blue
c) there's nothing left to do
d) all I see is you

Question 9 (RD) -
"Like that time ____________ when it was snowing, we were in the middle of a blizzard - and we couldn't find the words, but it was plain from the smiles on our faces."

a) in the linen emporium
b) at your grandparents house
c) we first kissed each other
d) we slid off the road

Question 10 (Nick G) -
What's different about Vikki?

She's mechanical
b) Her faith
c) She went to Harvard Business College
d) Her watch needs a new battery

Thanks to all who entered, and congratulations to our winners!