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Upcoming events...

Russell has retired from active live performance, but remains open to special opportunities in 2022. Live performance ideas, especially those with an emphasis on personal engagement, are always welcome. To get in touch, please contact:

Russell recorded a weekly podcast for fifteen years (2006-2021) at our sister site -

Songs for Saying Goodbye

Russell's 2021 homemade project is complete and available now for free stream and/or download. The album is titled "Songs for Saying Goodbye," and charts the emotional course of a year through eleven songs. Themes of loss, surrender, and departure, are woven with allegories, memory, regret, and the strange eliptical course of time as felt through relationships - past, present, and imaginary. The songs were written and recorded alongside the final year of the simplemuzik podcast.

Russell presented all eleven songs, + talked about tangents related, on the simplemuzik podcast in September and October 2021 (episodes 778 through 782). If you're interested, please visit

You can discover the new songs here, and explore Russell's entire catalog by clicking here.

Free mp3's available now.

Free streamable (and downloadable) mp3's have been added for all simplemuzik artists! For downloading instructions, visit the individual artist pages (by clicking "artist" on the left sidebar), or click here for The Mannequins, here for Nick Guerrero, here for Jonas, and here for Russell. Enjoy! More songs will be added soon, so tell your friends and check back often!

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